Genomic testing and medico-legal risk

Avant Mutual

Avant Mutual Genomic Testing Whitepaper

As genomic testing capabilities evolve, what was once a highly specialised area of practice is becoming part of mainstream medicine.

Avant Mutual had been reviewing medico-legal claims and cases and interviewing practitioners working in the field. They needed assistance turning their research into a paper on genomic testing that would outline medico-legal risks they had identified and articulate concerns they were hearing from the profession.

The paper is being used to stimulate discussion about what kinds of additional education, regulatory reform or policy development may be needed to encourage high quality healthcare and minimise medico-legal risk.

White papers

Avant Training Disputes Discussion Paper

Training disputes discussion paper - Avant Mutual

Disputes between trainee doctor and their medical colleges can be complex and difficult. Medical defence organisation Avant Mutual conducted a program of stakeholder research to help tease out the multiple contributing factors and explore options to help resolve or avoid these disputes. They needed help turning their insights into a discussion paper.

The paper became a sought-after resource for medical colleges and healthcare workplaces.

Content writing

Newsletter articles - Avant Mutual

I assist medical defence organisation, Avant Mutual, writing and editing blog and newsletter articles on a range of medico-legal and communications issues for its doctor members. 

feature article writing

Member magazine - Avant Mutual

I edited several issues of Avant Mutual member magazine, Connect, and wrote articles including medico-legal articles and member profiles.

Feature article - Mariner Boating

I was invited to contribute a travel feature for travel company Mariner Boating Holidays, for their customer newsletter and marketing materials. 

Blog - The Bread and Butter Project

One of those dream projects when favourite things come together: writing, baking, and a great cause. And yes, all that sampling research was absolutely necessary.

Australian Health Law Bulletin

I co-authored a commissioned article for the Australian Health Law Bulletin on employers’ liability for injuries caused by bullying or “managerial mistreatment”.

Australian Journal of General Practice

Australian Journal of General Practice

The editors of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners commissioned peer-reviewed articles for their medico-legal issue. This was an analysis of recent decisions on professional negligence, for an audience of general practitioners.

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