About me

What I bring to your content writing projects

I’ve never yet met a concept that was too hard to explain

Back when I studied law, I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to practise it. But I loved the discipline of wading through complex information to work out the most important issues and distil them into an answer.

I’ve pretty much been doing that for clients ever since.

I’ve worked as a publisher, editor, writer, and communications manager in government, large law firms, legal publishers and not-for-profits.

My particular expertise is writing legal and medico-legal content. And I can translate bureaucratic legalese into plain language. 

That means I’m pretty confident I can wrangle your content into submission.

I help you explore why your clients will care

My first full-time job was as a braille proof-reader and editor. Learning how to describe images in braille textbooks taught me a lot about how to shift my perspective to write in a way that is meaningful and resonates with my audience.

Today, some of my greatest professional assets are still empathy and imagination.

Even with the driest technical content, if I can put myself in my reader’s shoes and try to understand what is keeping them awake at night, I have a much greater chance they’ll care about what I have to say.

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I can keep a content team on track

My early grounding in legal publishing included keeping a legal encyclopaedia up to date.

That experience taught me a lot about project management. And flexibility and creative problem-solving when projects had to adapt to changes in legislation or priorities.

I doubt that any content project I encounter after that experience will faze me too much.

I’ve also learned the value of a great brief. Professional colleagues have often valued my ability to interpret their ideas to the creative and production teams.

When everyone on the team understands what we are trying to achieve, we can work together to create it.

How can I help?

If you need help with your professional marketing content, thought leadership or website copy, it can be hard to find someone who understands the complexities of your professional content and how important it is that you get it just right. I'm an experienced professional content and copywriter. I have degrees in law and communications and experience in government, law firms, medico-legal advisers and not-for-profits. You can trust me with your words and your professional presentation.
It’s an enormous privilege to be entrusted with your words and business reputation.

I never take that for granted.

When we work together, you can trust the content we create will be carefully crafted to demonstrate your expertise.