Editing and proofreading

It can be tough trusting your work to an editor

If you’re like many professionals I’ve worked with, you are probably concerned an editor won’t understand why you need to use that precise expression.

You could be worried they will distort your words or lose the technical nuances. 

Your marketing content reflects your expertise

I understand that when you put your name to it, you’re concerned about your professional reputation. (I won’t tell you how many times I write and rewrite my own content – or how excruciating it is asking someone else to edit it).

As an editor, my job is to make you look good.

And to make sure your work sounds like you, on your best day.

I have worked for many years as a legal editor and proofreader. I know my way around the Style Manual.

I can tell you whether to use ‘which’ or ‘that’, and why you don’t need to capitalise every noun. I am happy to discuss nominalisation or the Saxon gerund if you wish.

I will talk to you about how much editing you want: from a complete revision and structural edit, a copy-edit
to tighten up and correct the language, or a proofread just to look for errors.

You can trust your words to me

I’ll work with you to shape them into something you’ll be proud to put your name to.

Thank goodness I got in touch with Catherine.

I am so grateful for Catherine’s efforts in proofreading my PhD thesis. She really went above and beyond. Her proofreading was an important step in the process of finalising my thesis. She provided detailed and thoughtful comments and helped me to focus on issues I wasn’t paying enough attention to. It was wonderful working with her.

Carla Rocavert

PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania

How can I help?

If you need help with your professional marketing content, thought leadership or website copy, it can be hard to find someone who understands the complexities of your professional content and how important it is that you get it just right. I'm an experienced professional content and copywriter. I have degrees in law and communications and experience in government, law firms, medico-legal advisers and not-for-profits. You can trust me with your words and your professional presentation.